gallamore west: Dancing in the rain

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dancing in the rain

It was sunny yesterday morning and we jumped in the car to go to the grocery store. It started sprinkling on the way there. By the time we got there {45 seconds later} it was POURING! We sat in the car in the parking lot for a few minutes before deciding to go back home. We got home and a few minutes later it was sunny again. We hopped back in the car and went back to the store. When we came out {with a cart FULL of groceries} it was POURING again. And when we got home, the boys danced in the rain in the driveway. And it was hilarious!!

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JBSquared said...

I love your pictures! So sweet. We got caught with groceries in the rain, too!

J ~ G ~ E ~ A said...

Groceries in the rain is the worst! This story is oddly famiiar however- rain- kids- trying to make it fun... way to go. Love it!


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