gallamore west: San Diego = Fun in the Sun Diego

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

San Diego = Fun in the Sun Diego

We had a great day at the zoo on Saturday. It is sooooooo nice to have our zoo passes again and I think Sam might have even changed his mind about Sea World being cooler than the zoo. I never get tired of the beautiful, lush landscape- it feels like you're in a jungle. And the weather, come on now... where else do you get 75 and perfectly sunny every day IN THE WINTER?!?!

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All my boys were supporting our San Diego Super Chargers! {ignore the fact that the 3rd quarter of Sunday's game was really not so super, k?}

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Jake even learned a new word this weekend... gee-RAF. Yep, for a second there I thought the gee-RAFS were coming to nibble on my cute little guys noses or something, but they were just coming close for a little hello.


Smith's in Iowa said...

"Go Chargers!" that was the 1st thing Simeon said when he saw the pictures. The zoo is so much fun-and a good workout going up the hills!
I'm jealous of your weather. How nice to wear short sleeve shirts, and to have the sun be warm.

The Jenson's said...

Love how they all match! Too bad for the chargers though!


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