Tomorrow is Do It For Sophia Day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I got this from my nephew's Carepage. Many of you know that he was diagnosed with Leukemia about 2 years ago (and he's doing great!) This is a friend of his, Sophia, who is enjoying all the time she has with her family and friends. You can read more about her at Her page name is sophiasjourney. Make sure to have a box of tissues handy... a BIG box.

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This is Sophia-a beautiful earthly angel.

From Sophia's carepage... On Friday, the 5th, a friend of ours organized something called Do It For Sophia Day. On Friday, you are supposed to do something nice for somebody in honor of Sophia. Those of you who know her understand that that is a perfect way to honor her. Sophia always loves helping people. She has always been such a good helper. So, please, make somebody smile on Friday. We hope people around the world will extend a kind, helping hand to lots of people on Friday. Do it for Sophia.

So, do something nice tomorrow... Do It For Sophia! Then come back and post a comment telling us what you did.
JBSquared said...

Ok, so I totally blew it on this, but I thought it was such a wonderful idea! Very much in the spirit of Christmas, which we should all be sharing right now, anyway. How sweet to have people all over the world doing kind deeds for others in the name of a child. I wanted to spend that day working on the blankets I am making for newborns at the hospital, but of course I just couldn't find the time. But I did play with my boys and told my husband I loved him. Does that count? :)


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