gallamore west: Start your engines!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Start your engines!

Ben raced in the Valley-Wide 500 go-kart race this weekend to raise money for the grass for our local baseball fields. I can't wait to watch our boys play sports right down the street from our house!

Sam loved cheering on his Daddy...
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But the real reason I posted this is because we actually got a picture taken of us where ALL FOUR of us are actually looking at the camera!!!!! (Never mind the fact that Jake isn't actually smiling, k?)
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JBSquared said...

Cute! I know how rare it is to even get all the family in one shot, let alone looking at the camera! You guys look great!

Smith's in Iowa said...

We totally understand the whole family in a picture is a rarity! What a fun family activity- and for a great cause.

Bun in the Oven! said...

You all match. How cute. Now did Sam get to hold that flag and wave it for the real race?


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