Thursday, November 13, 2008

The End of The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Challenge!

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The last day was on Tuesday and I JUST now finished. That's because it's all about cleaning and winterizing (is that a word?) your car. I don't even have an excuse for being so slow about it because we live in lovely So. Cal so I don't even have to winterize my Goldfish Mobile (although I did re-stock the box in the back with fresh sweatshirts, blankets, and water... I should add some new goldfish crackers)! But the traveling Goldfish Mobile did get a car wash and a good vacuum job today. Plus, and this is sooooo the best part, I got free car seat checks from the CHP today!!! Those carseats are SO secure in there and as a mom, that is such a great feeling.
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To spare you the boring pictures of my Jeep Cherokee (that I love, love, love by the way!) here's a picture of Jake in his carseat while in the car wash. Look at those cute little lips... he was saying, "Oh WOW!!!" the entire time!

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