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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Democracy for Dinner!

I found this idea in a Family Fun magazine a couple months ago and couldn't wait to do it! I know, I know... my boys are just a *little* young for elections, but this was a HUGE deal and I wanted them (at least Mr. Samuel) to remember this moment in history. Young Jake slept through elections and crashed for the night long before the results were announced, but he did thoroughly enjoy his brother's voting style!

And the winners were............................ (drum-roll please)

*Presidential Pizza was a landslide winner over Super Tuesday Soup
*Bipartisan Salad narrowly beat out Corruption-Free Carrots
*Choc-OBAMA-late milk clearly won the voters hearts over Le-MCCAIN-ade
*Sweet treats Campaign Trail Mix and Red White and Blue Creme Cookies were too close to call so we ate them both :)


Feather Fam. said...

Seriously...seriously! You are way too much fun for me. I love your style!

JBSquared said...

You got some of those recipes from Rachel Ray, didn't you? I made a handout for John's classes that had those recipes, with some of the ideas for throwing your own election party. Fun!

I can't WAIT until my boys are old enough to do this kind of stuff with us. John is particularly excited about celebrating election day with the boys. Oh, we have big plans. :)

It looks like your boys had a great night! How cute is Sam helping with the pizza? So fun!

Gallamore West said...

Jen- Yes! How funny that you did stuff with those too. I just got the recipe names from her, but I didn't actually follow her recipes. I just used what I had in my fridge :) And I'm so, so glad that you are just as into all this funny stuff as I am. It really helps me feel less crazy about it all!!

Bun in the Oven! said...

Jake saw this and he said you were crazy! I think it's really cute. I wish i could be as motivated!

The Jacksons said...

Such a great idea to make the election fun and to teach them the importance of voting. This is something we will be doing at the next one


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