Days 5 and 6 of The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Challenge

Monday, November 10, 2008

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Day 5 consisted of the family/living room areas and was a breeze since we recently had the carpets cleaned and just a couple of weeks ago put new covers on our couch. This is THE most perfect couch for those of you with little ones because each cushion has a removable, wash-able slipcover. We washed the old ones a million times and after 4 years of being very well-loved, we recently replaced them at a fraction of the cost of buying a new couch. Yay Ikea! We'll splurge on a fancy couch once the boys are past this oh-so-fun, but not so clean stage of life (mud, bugs, goldfish crackers smashed into the cushions, etc.) But hey, at least we're past the spit-up everywhere stage... for now :)

Here's picture of our favorite room in our house all cleaned up (for about 5 minutes!)
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And Day 6 took me outside to wash the windows, clean the porch, and all that fun stuff. Luckily for me in lovely So. Cal. there isn't much to bring in for the long hard winter. It was 62 degrees yesterday and that was pretty much "like totally sooooo freeeezzzzzing cold here"... LOVE it!!! Here's the backyard, all ready for winter (ok, I did put the lounge chairs away!)
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And here's our super clean porch (Helper #1 popping his head into the picture). Twice a year we spray off the entire house because we get these ugly little spider webs that make the white stucco look horrible. This weekend was one of those weekends and now I love admiring our clean porch again!
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I am LOVING my clean house, inside and out!!
Smith's in Iowa said...

Can I hire you?

The Jacksons said...

I am almost there with you. You have just about inspired me but not there yet. :)

Katie said...

Everyone who does this challenge is so astounding to go girl!


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