gallamore west: A visit to the Midway

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A visit to the Midway

I'm not sure why, as a native 5th generation San Diegan, I've NEVER been on The Midway... seriously, I think that should be a crime, like my good friend Olivia who is from San Diego and has never, not once, been to the Wild Animal Park. What the heck?!

Anywho, Samuel is really into big ships these days so I thought it would be fun to take the boys down to see The Midway, that humongous aircraft carrier next to the cruise terminal in downtown San Diego. I looked it up online and the website said you should wear good walking shoes and plan to spend 3-4 hours onboard. Hmmm, I'm a flip-flops girl myself and Jake is the squirmiest one-year old ever AND have I told you about my irrational fear of my kids falling??? So, needless to say, I STILL haven't actually been on The Midway yet, but we took a fun little walk near it instead :)

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I LOVE this picture because Jake started running towards the water and even though he was still far away from it, Sam was yelling "Don't fall in the water baby!" So he held his brother's hand to protect him... sweet big brother :) Hmmm... I wonder where in the world Sam got a fear of children falling?!

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And this statue... ohhhhh, I LOVE this statue. Such romance, such passion... on the water, in San Diego. LOVE it!


JBSquared said...

I love that Sam calls his brother "baby." (Because, obviously, he is such a big kid!) So sweet!! Looks like a fun day!

Bun in the Oven! said...

You know i'm a least a 4th or 5th generation SD and i've never been on there either.


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