San Diego Super Chargers!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ben and I were so, so excited that Jake and Mandy wanted to watch football with us!! Ok, Ben was soooo excited about the football part. I was really excited about the food part. Oh, who am I kidding... I'm a maniac Chargers fan and there's nothing better than watching them stomp all over the dreaded Raiders! Which didn't exactly happen today, but somehow the Chargers pulled out a win. Ben, on the other hand, was completely MIA since the Redskins were beating the Cowboys at the same time. Wahoo!!

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Horray for Party City for having all kinds of Chargers goodies in stock!

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Ben was so excited that my brother's getting into football (finally, he's what, almost 30?!?!) that he bought him a little "bottle bra" as Jake calls it.

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And making sure not to leave out Mandy, I tied a blue ribbon on a yellow squash I grew in the garden and presented her with this "Go Chargers! Squash"

Click here for a few recipes of some treats we enjoyed today. Or click here.
Smith's in Iowa said...

The football treats are adorable! I'm sure my kids would love them-mostly Ammon the sugar man. Maybe I can modify the shape for a Halloween party?
How fun to have Jake & Mandy over for football. It's more fun to watch with friends!

The Jenson's said...

Yeah i think you and i were more into the football then Jake!! And i must say i only cheared for the other team cuz i wasn't watching at that moment and Jake started to chear so i joined in.


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