gallamore west: The most fun baby shower!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The most fun baby shower!!

A few of my favorite things all in one night... a relaxing pedicure at a cute little nail salon open after hours JUST for us... wahoo!!! Desserts galore, a small gathering of fun girls, games, party favors... Sheryl's baby shower was perfect!!
Host unlimited photos at for FREE!Great party planning by Michelle! And Sheryl is so patient and brave for not finding out whether she's about to have a boy or a girl... seriously, I cannot even wait to get my mail out of the box everyday! How in the world people choose not to know the sex of their baby is so wild to me. Tons of respect to her for having so much patience. I, on the other hand, was not blessed with much of that. Click here for the recipe for raspberry swirl cupcakes, my most favorite non-chocolate dessert ever. Look at those little cheesecakes, sitting proudly between all that heavenly chocolate.
Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
Ever since we left last night I've been trying to think of when, how, why I can go back to that very fun nail salon again... birthday party! book club! playgroup! (whoops, guess we couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't really leave the kids at home for a playgroup while we're out getting our toes done, huh?!)


JBSquared said...

I am so there with you. I'm sure there is some sort of nail-polish-related book we could read, right? Or is getting your nails done a sport? We'll fit it in somehow. :)

The Jenson's said...

I say getting your nails done is a sport. I'd say we should that for my shower, but maybe for the next one and not the first. I like it though!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a VERY fun time!!

JR said...

Oh... I am in!!! Name the date and I will be there. Looks soooo fun!!


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