LOVE her!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here are a few of the gazillion reasons why I love, love, love Michelle.

1. On the first day of Fall (when Ben thought I was crazy for making a "First Day of Fall" gift and wrapping it to give to Michelle) she and I brought the boys to Sea World, in honor of... you guessed it, THE First Day of Fall. When we pulled into the parking lot, we ran up to each other, hugged and giggled "Happy First Day of Fall!!" Yep, that's right, she brought ME a First Day of Fall gift too... a fresh from the oven Apple Spice muffin that was deeelicious!
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2. She takes Sam on the rides for me with Carson when I know they'll make me dizzy... even though it made her dizzy too. And how cute are they with their arms up in the air?! The three of them had the ride all to themselves!
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3. We're twinies!! Not only did we both wear green tops, black capris, and almost the exact same shoes to the most fun ever baby shower last night (that she planned and it was awesome!) we both picked out the same card for the mommy-to-be... out of all those millions of cards to choose from!
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4. She let me join in on her semi-annual garage sale at her house last weekend! ME, a very amateur garage salesgirl. Unlike her and her sisters who were sooooo funny... selling the Christmas gifts that they had given EACH OTHER!! But I did happen to have the most fun item up for sale... OOPS! Almost forgot to empty out an old purse I was selling. I am cracking myself up here... STILL. A whole week later.
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Michelle, you're the best!!


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