Cherry picking

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How fun! On 4th of July we drove out to a farm in Purcelville, Virginia to pick fresh cherries. On the way there Sam declared, "I don't like cherries. They are very yucky." Hmm... I think he may have changed his mind.

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Stretch that chubby little arm Sam!

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Maybe I do like cherries...

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Good thing my mom dressed me in this cool new WHITE shirt for cherry picking!

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So, he changed his mind and let us know that he "really, really does like cherries!!"
JR said...

Haha. A white shirt for cherry picking- good one!:) At least he had a good time, right?!? Too funny

The Jenson's said...

You were right about these pics....the cherry juice is everywhere!

JBSquared said...

John would be very jealous if he saw these pics. He once ate so many cherries on a cherry-picking trip that it made him sick. (When he was small, of course. Not that he wouldn't do it again.)

Feather Fam. said...

The kids just tried cherries for the first time at someones house a few days ago and I swear it was giving me panic attacks. I followed them everywhere with a napkin and wiped their chin and hands every chance I got...Cherries are just so not worth the mess for 3 year olds! You are a good and fun mom to go with the flow!
Oh, and I am with Jen...Jeff's infamous story is that he ate so many off his grandmas tree when he was little that he got "sick."


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