Sea World much?!?

Monday, June 23, 2008

So, you probably all know how much I LOVE Sea World. Seriously, every time we're at the Dolphin Show I still kick myself for not following through on my junior high plans of becoming a Sea World Dolphin Trainer! I sit there thinking, "I could SOOO do that!" Anyway, it's clear that the boys and I spend LOTS of time there. And here's the evidence to prove it... check out the audience Sam set up to watch his Cirque de la Mar show (aka The Jumping People Show) in the family room! I love this funny guy!

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...and please disregard the filthy huge shirt Sam's wearing... we bought him a new preschool t-shirt (that was the smallest size) and he wore it for 3 days (and nights) straight before I could get him to part with it to be washed. Such a boy!!

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The Jenson's said...

I like that he even has stands to put the people on to watch him.

Feather Fam. said...

My kids are definitely deprived from the wonders of Sea World...especially since Mr. V is obsessed with all things water and ocean!
I am checking your post to see if there are any "Va-cay" pictures from you fun trip?!?!!?


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