gallamore west: San Diego Weekend!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

San Diego Weekend!

Ben and I had a great time celebrating his birthday in downtown San Diego... a daytime Padres game (which they won, of course), a relaxing dinner in the Gaslamp, and a fabulous hotel (I HIGHLY recommend a night at the Omni... a super-duper hotel with great customer service- a rare treat these days!) AND I even got in a little sHoPpInG... I had to ditch my cute high "hells" because they were killing my feet. When I asked the guy at Urban Outfitters to please cut off the tags on my new over-priced flip-flops, Ben thought I was cRaZy, but the guy gave me a really sympathetic look and said, "Are your feet hurting you?" I said, "Sooo badly" and he said girls come in all the time and do the same thing. See, I'm not crazy Ben :)

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JBSquared said...

Remind me to tell you about the time John had to carry me back to the car after a 4th of July parade because my *cute* new patriotic shoes killed my feet! Girls and their shoes...

Sounds like you had fun, though! :)

The Jenson's said...

The shoe thing is soooo funny. Hey at least you got some cute high heels and some cute flip flops out of it right. Two new pairs of shoes is the way to go!

JR said...

Beauty is pain right?
No, I always think of the FRIENDS episode of Monica and her painful new boots.
Soo funny!
Glad you had a nice weekend... sounds lovely!!!!


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