gallamore west: piZzA, piZzA!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

piZzA, piZzA!!

Sam was a super helper making homemade PiZzA for dinner on Friday night! He was so funny, putting one pepperoni on the PiZzA and then one in his mouth. Finally I told him not to eat anymore because he was going to get a tummy ache. He had already taken one bite of a pepperoni as I said that, so he followed directions well and put the half-eaten pepperoni slice on the PiZzA instead of eating it! I guess I got what I asked for, right?! At least we weren't having dinner guests that night... and the PiZzA was DEE-licious! tHaNkS for helping sAmUeL!!

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JBSquared said...

What a good helper...and a good listener! Maybe Sam could start up a pizza delivery service? :)

Mandy said...

We love to make home made's the best. Sam sounds like what i do. One for the pizza one for me, but at least i don't put a half eaten one on the pizza. LOL!


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