gallamore west: Happy Birthday Ben!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!

Yesterday was Ben's birthday and we celebrated "pirate" style. Of course Sam was THRILLED with everything... he spoke in this raspy pirate voice the whole time and told me that I make "good pirate food." He led Ben on a treasure hunt in the backyard to find his birthday loot and when I popped the balloons today he said, "Goodbye pirate balloons. I will miss you, but I'll see you again at my pirate party!" Yep, just like his mom. He's already getting ready for his party in November! I hope Ben had a fun time too. I'm surprising him with a less kidlike birthday celebration next week. He works so hard for our family and we love him so much!

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The Jenson's said...

That is so cute that Sam is all dressed up for the party.

JBSquared said...

I love your party mania. I also have the fever. I would throw a party for everything if I could (we're having spaghetti for dinner - let's make it a theme!) Cute that you do that for your husband, as well as your kids.

JR said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!


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