gallamore west: The Graduate!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Graduate!

Sam graduated from preschool last night! Technically it wasn't really graduating considering that he has two years more of preschool before Kindergarten because of his November birthday. It was more of a preschool performance. And it was adorable!! Sam was soooo excited to wear his new outfit, which he calls his "little kid work clothes." As you can tell from the picture below, Jake was really entertained by the whole thing :) Actually, he wasn't feeling too well so a nap on Daddy was wonderful for him. Aunt Mandy even brought Sam balloons and a gift... thanks Mandy! He slept with his new Lightning McQueen ball last night!

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Bun in the Oven! said...

I'm glad he liked his ball that much. He was so cute up there doing his songs. Good job Sam!

JBSquared said...

What a handsome guy! He looks so grown up in his "work clothes!" This must have been a fun day to celebrate - can't believe how fast he is growing!!

Feather Fam. said...

I love that they do a preschool graduation...I think it is so funny! But I must say...How handsome is he in his little kid work clothes?? What a fun time!

J,G, E & A said...

Oh my goodness!! What a handsome little guy!! Girls... watch out!

Jaymee said...

The first of many graduation ceremonies--he's so hansom, hair jell and all!


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