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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Family Game Night with a Lesson!

Thank you to Rich Dad for sponsoring today's post.  As always, all opinions are my own. 

I love Family Game Nights so much.  If you ask my family about me growing up, they'll tell you that as a teenager/young adult, I always had games in my trunk so that we could pull them out and play them all the time.  I love games because it's something fun to do with a small group, you get to interact, and just enjoy each other's company.  CASHFLOW by Rich Dad is a great game where you not only get to do all of those things, but you can also learn some valuable lessons about money management and budgeting at the same time.  And it's fun!
Who doesn't want to teach their family, especially kids and teens, about the importance of money management and budgeting?  And done in a super fun way by having Family Game Night with Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Game... it's a win-win!  Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift to send or put under your tree?  Check out CASHFLOW by Rich Dad online.  I ordered mine through Amazon Prime and it was delivered in 2 days- so quick!  
I hope you're all having a great week before Christmas!  I'm wrapping up the very last couple of gifts on my list (hint, hint... CASHFLOW by Rich Dad!) and getting ready for two relaxing weeks off of school and responsibilities with our four boys.  You can bet that we'll be enjoying some Family Game Nights at home, and I think CASHFLOW by Rich Dad will definitely be a hit with our older two boys!  

Have a great rest of your week! xoxo 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Stocking Ideas for Date Night In

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#YoursAndMine #CollectiveBias

The holiday season is soooo crazy busy!  With shopping, baking, blogging, kids sports, homework, holiday programs, decorating... it is hard to get a chance to sit down, right?!  But the real importance of this season is not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the busyness.  To me it's about spending quality time with the ones I love.  Every year my husband and I say that we'll go out for a nice Christmas dinner just the two of us, but realistically with four little ones, the price of babysitting, the price of a nice restaurant... we ALWAYS decide to use that money on our kids' Christmas gifts instead.  So this year I decided that I would give my husband what he really wants... a K-Y Date Night at home.  
Imagine his surprise when I handed him this stocking the other day.  I filled the stocking with K-Y Yours + Mine, a fancy chocolate bar, a bottle of red wine, and a scented candle.His eyes sure lit up!  He was totally thrilled that I thought to buy him something like this- something thoughtful and special for just the two of us.  Time alone together is so rare and precious when raising a family full of little ones, so this K-Y Date Night In idea was exactly what we needed.
A K-Y Date Night In is the perfect solution for us, and if you're a busy couple with lots of little ones like us, then a K-Y Date Night In may just be the perfect solution for you too.  And you're in luck because there is a K-Y Date Night deal that is coming soon! K-Y Date Night (available at Walmart in Jan 2015) includes $50 value 1 free meal for two people from delivered to your door for an intimate night of cooking together, a $5 VUDU movie credit for you to stream right at home and the pleasure of K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants. Perfect for a date night in!  Check out the Date Night pack at for discreet purchasing.

I even got festive with the bottle of red wine.  I just cut red, white, and black card stock to make it a cute little Santa bottle.  
Looking to spice up your K-Y Date Night In?  Light the candle, pour the wine, and give your man what he really wants for Christmas this year... you!  You can find K-Y in the "Family Planning" Section at Walmart.  I totally left my kids at home with Daddy for this shopping trip so it's really a win-win.  I got alone time while shopping, then a K-Y Date Night In at home! 

Get more information on K-Y Yours + Mine on the K-Y website
Have a great week, friends!  xoxo 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cookie Decorating Party becomes an Epic Mess!

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With four fun, busy little boys here at Gallamore West we are all about having fun and enjoying life. It's loud, it gets chaotic all the time sometimes and it definitely gets messy around here... really, really messy!  Something so simple and fun as Christmas Cookie Decorating can turn into a crazy mess here.  So when it comes to vacuuming I need a vacuum that really works.  You may be surprised by this, but I found an amazing vacuum that has the best suction power in any vacuum I've ever owned (and I think I may hold the record for the number of vacuums I've owned!) in a Eureka 2.0 Suction Seal Vacuum.

The other night I baked my famous Sugar Cookies (recipe here) and set up a fun little Cookie Decorating Party in the Sun Room. 

In an attempt to keep the activity fun for all and less messy (ha!) all of the boys got their own plate full of freshly baked sugar cookies, their own cup full of homemade buttercream frosting, and their own knife.

I put all of toppings and sprinkles in the middle of the table for the boys to share.

Of course what starts out so neat and organized...
quickly turns into this!
And there are sprinkles covering the carpet.
That's when my new Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 comes into play.  This vacuum is a beast when it comes to suction! 
It took care of that epic Cookie Decorating mess in the Sun Room in no time at all.  And clearly my previous vacuum wasn't sucking enough because my new Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 picked up all of this in just a couple of minutes. 
Beyond it's suction power, here are some of my favorite features about the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0.  So many other vacuums get all dirty across the front of them which I always think it bizarre since it's supposed to be picking up that dirt and dust and putting it on the INSIDE of the vacuum, not the outside.  Thanks to plates that raise and lower against the surface, the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 maintains suction and seal without scattering debris.  My vacuum stays clean on the outside and puts all that dirt and dust on the inside where it belongs!
If someone special in your life is looking for a gift that will help them keep their floors clean, wrap up a Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 and put it under the Christmas tree!  It's on Rollback from $148.88 to only $129 at Walmart right now.  Compared to its pricey competitors, that's an AMAZING price for this vacuum. Picking out a new vacuum can be overwhelming because there are so many choices.  Go with a Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 and you won't be disappointed. 
Need more info?  Here's a quick video for you: 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Nut Crunch Cracker Toffee

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I love baking and delivering homemade gifts to our neighbors at the holidays.  It's been one of my favorite Christmas traditions since I was a little girl.  And crazy as it sounds, I actually live in the exact same house that I grew up in and since it's such a great little neighborhood some of our neighbors are the same neighbors that lived here when I was little!  Every year since I can remember, one particular neighbor has brought us a beautiful plate of traditional German baked Christmas goodies.  This neighbor also happens to be a total health nut, so every time I try to reciprocate I try my hardest to bring them something that isn't packed full of sugar.  Last year I wracked my brain, but ended up giving them a bag of oranges I picked from our tree for Christmas because everything I was baking was definitely packed full of sugar.  So this year I'm totally patting myself on the back because I came up with the PERFECT "baked" gift for them.  It's not too sugary, it actually contains better-for-you ingredients items, it looks festive, and it was easy to make with the help of Planter's Holiday Nut Crunch.  

It's a really delicious sweet and salty crunchy dessert that isn't overly sweet.  And the best part is that it looks festive, but you'll only spend about 10 minutes in the kitchen making it!

Holiday Nut Crunch Cracker Toffee
8 full-size graham crackers
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 Planter's Holiday Nut Crunch

The Planter's Holiday Nut Crunch Mix is a perfect combination of sweet and salty with peanuts, raisins, chocolate candies, chocolate covered peanuts, almonds, cashews, and cranberries.

To make your "toffee" simply lay the graham crackers out on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet so that all of the crackers are touching each other (like a big rectangle).  Melt your chocolate chips, then use a rubber spatula to spread the chocolate over the graham crackers.  Sprinkle Planter's Holiday Nut Crunch over the top of the chocolate, then refrigerate for about 20 minutes until the chocolate hardens.  

Break into pieces and enjoy.

I put mine on a red plate, then just tied it up with cellophane and a festive bow and it's ready to be delivered!

It's also a perfect gift by itself for those people on your shopping list who already have everything in the world that they need.  Like my Dad- Planter's Holiday Nut Crunch is totally going under the Christmas tree for him this year! 

You can buy Planter's Seasonal Nuts at Walmart, where many locations have a super fun sleigh display like this one!  It's located in an aisle between the sodas/water and the popcorn/chips.

Another fun thing about Planter's Seasonal Nuts is that it has its own app!  Just scan the barcode on a container of Planter's Seasonal Nuts and Go Nuts with all of the fun things you can do- take a selfie with Mr. Peanut, browse recipes, and check out all of Planter's seasonal items.  Download the Blippar app and get started! I love the Holiday Tips and my kids love that they can take a selfie with Mr. Peanut!  

Have a great weekend! xoxo 

#OneSmartDifference $1000 Sweepstakes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 
#OneSmartDifference #CollectiveBias

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